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  • 1 februari 2021
  • Congres/Symposium
  • Wondexpertise

4th International Scientific Nursing and Midwifery Conference
Nurses and Midwives CARE4 Innovation: Technology in Healthcare and Education

1 - 3 February 2021, Ghent, Belgium

We are pleased to invite researchers, clinicians, educators, policy makers in nursing and midwifery to present their work at the 4th Edition of CARE4, the International Scientific Nursing and Midwifery Congress. This congress will offer a unique programme of distinguished keynote speakers, symposia and oral and poster presentations on broad scientific issues covering the congress theme Nurses and Midwives CARE4 innovation: Technology in healthcare and education  

The CARE4 Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of high quality abstracts focusing on a wide variety of topics covering:

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Health and education

  • We are looking forward to welcoming you to Ghent for the 4th edition of the CARE4 conference!

More information

Visit the Care4 website to submit your extract or to register.

Website Care4

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