EFIC: Virtual PAIN Summit

  • 4 november 2021
  • Pijnverpleegkundigen

Shape the Programme for the
#EFICVirtualPainSummit on
4-6 November 2021

As you may already be aware, the programme for our Virtual Pain Education Summit is based on the four postgraduate EFIC curricula.

In order to receive suggestions for the next summit programme directly from our community we put together a short survey. Take this opportunity to identify those sections in the curricula where you would like to see more educational content.

Share your opinion with us so we can make sure the programme for the EFIC Virtual Pain Education Summit 2021 reflects your main areas of interest. 

Please feel free to skip any curricula you are not interested in - every single answer will help us provide the best possible learning experience for our participants in 2021. 

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