European Cancer Nursing Day (ECND22)

  • 18 mei 2022
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EONS Cancer Nursing Day

‘Supporting cancer nurses in caring for themselves and their patients’

This year’s European Cancer Nursing Day (ECND22) is taking place on Wednesday 18 May. Its theme is: ‘Supporting cancer nurses in caring for themselves and their patients’.

During the pandemic, existing issues related to burnout, stress and resilience have increased, resulting in many leaving the profession. The campaign will focus on the importance of self-care and well-being for cancer nurses, on occupational health, and on retention and recruitment – all of which impact on the quality of patient care.

Join our powerful social media campaign – #ECND22Go4SelfCare – on 18 May by posting your pictures of how you are celebrating and addressing self-care in your workplace.
A toolkit of banners, posters and key messages is available to download in the further information section of this page, so that you can start to plan your activities.

Get involved and help make a difference!


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