EONS Young Cancer Nurse Nightingale Challenge Webinar Series

  • 5 oktober 2020
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Webinar series
Young cancer nurses face a variety of personal and professional challenges that are unique to their generation, as a result of changing political and economic environments globally. The European Oncology Nursing Society Young Cancer Nurses Network aims to bring together young cancer nurses from across Europe to identify the common and unique challenges faced by this group.

The EONS Young Cancer Nursing Study has highlighted specific issues young cancer nurses experience in Europe relating to training, education and mentorship.  In response to the issues identified in the EONS Young Cancer Nursing Study, the Young Cancer Nurses’ Network Nightingale Challenge will provide young cancer nurses with an opportunity to engage in a series of educational webinars which provide information about personal and professional development in cancer nursing.

We welcome you to join us for our Nightingale Webinar Series; you may register to attend as many or as few webinars as you wish. While the webinars are designed to respond to the identified needs of young cancer nurses, the webinar series is open to nurses of any age or career stage. Recordings of the webinars will be made available to registered participants.

Dr Amanda Drury, European Oncology Nursing Society Young Cancer Nurses Network Chair: eons.secretariat@cancernurse.eu
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- October 26th, 2020: Compassion fatigue, burn-out, resilience and balance: What does it entail and how can cancer nurses support each other?
- November 2nd, 2020: Young Cancer Nurses, You Can Be a Leader Too!
- November 9th, 2020: Developing a National Young Cancer Nursing Network – Experiences from The United Kingdom
- November 16th, 2020: Career Advice: Developing your Career: Advanced Practice Nursing
- November 23rd, 2020: Career Advice: Developing you Career: Research
- November 30th, 2020: Career Advice: Developing your Career: Education
- December 10th, 2020: Career Advice: Developing a Clinical-Academic Career

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