5de PNAE-congres in Tartu (Estland) - verplaats naar 2021

  • 21 mei 2021
  • Congres/Symposium
  • Kinderverpleegkunde

Op 21 en 22 Mei 2021 vindt het 5de PNAE (European Pediatric Association) congres in Estland plaats. Meld je aan voor het interessante programma. 

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Meer informatie over de PNAE in Estland

Klik hier om je aan te melden voor het congres dat plaatsvindt op 20 en 21 mei 2021. 

Join your colleagues to learn and network at the fully virtual 5th PNAE Congress on Paediatric Nursing, May 21-22, 2021. The Early Bird price lasts until the Congress and you can watch the event for a month - meaning all parallel session as well. This way, you get the full content at the low price of 120€.
The interactive Worksup browser app is very convenient for watching sessions live, networking with colleagues (chat and video call both!) and sponsors. The platform has received great reviews for being userfriendly and high-tech at the same time

Belangrijkste onderwerpen tijdens dit congres zijn:
• Neonatal care
• Mental Health Children and Young
People Nursing
• Paediatric Critical and Intensive care
• Chronic diseases and Complex Needs
• Infectious diseases
• Pain in children
• Adolescents’ healthcare
• Child health promotion
• Ethical issues in children and young people
• Children’s surgery
• Childhood Injury
• Nutrition
• Palliative and end of life care
• Nursing education and leadership
• Research in Children and Young People
• Careers in Children and Young
People’s Nursing
• Global Challenges for caring for
Children, Young People and Families


Read more about the programme; here! The event starts at 11 AM (GMT+3) so it is easy to combine the programme with your work day and weekend - or watch on-demand later! 

The certificate of participation is a good way to show education in these difficult times of the pandemic.

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